Track: J Mahon (FKA Emerson Snowe) Shares Heart Bursting Psych Pop Of ‘Charly (Romantic Heart)’

Miriam Marlene

Ahead of the release of his debut album ‘Everything Has A Life’ due on the 8th of September via Taxi Gauche Records, singer-Songwriter J Mahon has shared the final album teaser, with psych-ballad ‘Charly (Romantic Heart)’ 

Recorded at London’s Ha Ha Sounds studio with Syd Kemp (Thurston Moore, Vanishing Twin) and featuring guest appearances from Magdakena Mclean on Violin (The Umlauts, Caroline) and Callum Brown on Drums (Ulrika Spacek), ‘Charly’ was written during a period Mahon spent sanding wood for 6-8 hours a day underneath an upcycle work shop listening to Pavement and Paul McCartney, as Jarrod himself elaborates:

“Charly was written for my friend Charly in 2021. It’s loosely based around her and also my own feelings of when you begin a new relationship sometimes you can get so blinded by this new feeling that you can’t see the reality of the situations around it; thinking that you need to find another person to be with, when most of the time maybe it’s better to be on your own.”

Raised in North Queensland, Australia, but now based in Berlin, Jarrod Mahon performed until very recently under the moniker Emerson Snowe – under which he home-recorded five albums and 13 EP’s, toured Australia with King Krule and Ariel Pink, and received backing from the like of Clash, NME and  DIY.

Heartfelt and glorious in equal measure the personally inspired lyrics are at the centre of the track’s emotive power. There’s a hypnotic quality to the track with the recurring theme and sing along chorus you can’t help but be swept along by Mahon’s magic.

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