EP Review: Wingz Of The Monkey – Ape Allegations

Northen rockers Wings Of The Monkey are a young band who wears their influences proudly. Their debut EP ‘Ape Allegations’ features three tracks of rampaging rock that slaps you about and wakes you up to a new breed of bands that are set to keep the rock torch well lit.

Sounding like George Thorogood standing in for Iggy Pop with the Stooges, opener ‘Fix’ demonstrates what this band are, full on unashamed rock n roll delivered with a punk spirit. They don’t let up for a breath as they grab the track by the scruff of it’s neck and fling the lyrics out dripping in attitude. There is an ‘us against the world mentality’ that gives the band a unique power that few bands master as well.

Second track ‘Periodic Affection’ carries the same sneering balls to the wall vibe that demands to be cranked loud to really appreciate it. In fact forget the EP go and see these guys live as that is where they truly deliver their version of rock in all its glorified sloppy perfection. The rampaging riff hits you at 100mph before the guitar solo rips through the song over a powerful freight train drum track. These guys are young but they can seriously play.

The final track’s intro comes straight out of the rule book and ‘Hey Mr President’ is perhaps one of the best songs here to give audiences a taste of the band’s complete style. Built on charging guitar riffs and an intense urgency the other two tracks share, ‘Hey Mr President’ hurtles along with an addictive singalong chorus and a solo that does little but melt your face off. This is three minutes worth that is begging to be let loose on a sweaty stage as the outro squeezes some more rock n roll cliche out of the rule book, which sits perfectly fine with me. More please lads.

These guys put more attitude and swagger into their music than a whole generation before them could muster. With the chops from classic rock and the punk-fueled fury, these guys keep the rock light alive and well fueled by musicianship that allows them to craft tracks like the three on this EP. A bright future indeed especially with the chaotic live shows that go to enhance the band’s quality songwriting.

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