Track: Dying Wish – Lost In The Fall

Portland’s Dying Wish have announced their new album ‘Symptoms of Survival’ which is due on the 3rd of November via SharpTone Records. To accompany this exciting news, the quartet has shared the video for new track ‘Lost in the Fall.’

It’s a stormy clip — quite literally. The band is performing amid a lightning storm but there is nothing quite as fierce as singer Emma Boster — both her blood-curdling screams and her piercing stare. 

“‘Lost in the Fall’ is written about the natural untangling of a friendship or a relationship with someone over time,” Boster says. 

“It’s about letting go of control and accepting your fate and failure in love. Imagine the feeling in your throat and gut when you know things are coming to an end. Surrender to that feeling and face the direction of moving on.”

A thunderous track that attacks with two equally powerful emotions. From a fiery anger to a soaring pleading, the band take the listening on a hard hitting journey from the dynamic verses to the melodic peaceful interludes. The thought provoking lyrics are belted out with Boster’s unique and talented vocals as she flows between clean and guttural.

Check it out, here

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1. Symptoms of Survival
2. Watch My Promise Die
3. Starved
4. Prey For Me
5. Path To Your Grave
6. Paved In Sorrow
7. Tongues of Lead
8. Kiss of Judas
9. Hell’s Final Blessing
10. Torn From Your Silhouette
11. Lost In The Fall

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