Track: Dying Wish – Path To Your Grave

Portland’s Dying Wish are set to release their new album ‘Symptoms of Survival’ on November 3 via SharpTone Records. In the run up the band have shared another video for the single ‘Path to Your Grave’

“‘Path to Your Grave’ was written in mind as ‘Fragments Part Two,'” says Emma Boster. 

“‘Fragments’ is written about my struggle of my relationship with my stepfather, who was manipulative, controlling, and abusive towards me. That mistreatment has resulted in a lot of unhealthy habits and patterns in my life that I have struggled to move on from. ‘Fragments One’ was me talking about my experience publicly for the first time. After expressing my grief, the song concludes with ‘I would bury you if I could.’ This song also concludes with the same seven words but has a different outlook. Since releasing ‘Fragments,’ I have grown to a new level of acceptance with my trauma and this song is about that acceptance. The anger and the hurt is still there, but now, it just stings a little less. It has a much more triumphant expression.”

The guitars rain down like a torrential downpour as Boster growls and snarls over a heavy clatter of drums and the deep scraping thumb of the bass. This is what Dying Wish do so well, heavy emotional metal that just hits that bit differently than other bands.

Check it out, here

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