Track: Throat – Tiny Golden Murder

Aleks Talve

For 14 years Throat have been the sonic equivalent of forcing a square peg into a round hole, now new album, ‘We Must Leave You’, is on the horizon which can be regarded as the easiest listening Throat has ever presented. The demonstrate this slightly easier listening direction, the band have shared the single ‘Tiny Golden Murder’.

The band comments:

“Tiny Golden Murder stands as the life and death of the party on We Must Leave You. Already proven to be a floor filler on a few live occasions, it’s easily the closest Throat has ever come to a rock anthem. On the other hand, the refrain “Terminate us all” can be a sharp pill to swallow for the average party people. For Throat, that’s where the real party begins. It’s a last call for alcohol and a last call for everything”

‘We Must Leave You’ was written over a few years’ time and finally recorded in 2023 at Tonehaven Recording Studio with Tom Brooke and the band’s own Amplified Human Audio. Once again, Andrew Schneider mixed the album at Acre Audio and Carl Saff handled mastering duties at Saff Mastering. Photography by Dorota Brzezicka and design by Stefan Alt of Ant-Zen.

With one hell of a statement riff scratched out over crashing drums the vocals screech out packing a powerful emotive punch. What really makes the track special is the epic second half that sees the track morph into the anthemic rock track mentioned by the band. Starting as a hard-hitting juggernaut the vocals lengthen and the guitars take on a swirling majestic stream of noise perfection.

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