Track: The Damn Truth – I Just Gotta Let You Know

Martin Brisson

After dropping the trailer earlier this month, Montreal psychedelic rockers The Damn Truth, have shared the video for their new single ‘I Just Gotta Let You Know’.

“A week after recording the song we were tasked with making the video,” says the Damn Truth’s bass guitarist, PY Letellier. “With a UK tour supporting Glenn Hughes fast approaching, we didn’t have much time. Flying by the seat of our pants we put our heads together and shot the video in one day.”

Continues PY:

“In the video, we had so much fun jumping on a bed in the middle of a giant parking lot attached to one of Montreal’s biggest parks. Bystanders didn’t know what was going on! A friend of ours even showed up out of the blue on his Harley Davidson and did a couple laps around us as we were taping. It looked wild, so we kept it!

“Sometimes you’re just trying to sleep but there’s an idea, a someone, a memory, or something banging around in your head. Sleep is an impossibility, and the anxiety can be unbearable. ‘I Just Gotta Let You Know’ is meant to portray this situation we’ve all found ourselves in, to a dramatic degree.”

An electric track that fizzles with a rock fury and is dominated by Letellier’s raucous vocals that really see the track shine, especially on the chorus where she is joined by the twinkling guitar riffing. Lead guitarist Tom Shemer makes a big impact adding a sharp melodic edge to the track blowing up with a smouldering solo and leading the ear grabbing outro.

Check it out, here

Find out more via the band’s Website or Facebook

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