Track: Cécile Seraud – Je t’aime

Florimond Furst Herold

After sharing the first single ‘You And I‘ from her album ‘Xaos’, due on the 17th of November, Cécile Seraud has shared a double single ‘Je t’aime’ along with a solo piano version.

Sounding like the world waking up clunky notes are interlaced with a more urgent storytelling theme. It’s a flow that constantly tries to smooth itself out but fails giving this hurried outpour of emotion that builds and builds till it fades to nothing. The track picks itself up with a cello taking the lead alongside the clumsy piano notes. Seraud joins in with voice, tracking the ebbs and flows of this engaging and intimate composition. It’s freeing and beautiful.

Check it out, here

Find out more via Seraud’s Facebook

Pre order the album here

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