Track: Amigo The Devil – Cannibal Within

Alternative Americana star Amigo the Devil (aka Danny Kiranos) has shared his brand new single ‘Cannibal Within’. The track is taken from his third studio album, ‘Yours Until The War Is Over’, due early next year.

Self-produced and recorded in a backwoods bar-turned-studio, the banjo-driven ‘Cannibal Within’ is a song of honesty without pity and a lyrically profound insight into the depths of the human experience, albeit one with Kiranos’s renowned darkly humorous wordplay in plain sight. The track features experimental percussion – the repetitive dropping of a pick, tinking of a bottle and clacking of toy teeth – that immerses the listener within an internal dialogue of self-doubt and insecurity.

“There’s a tiny little cannibal inside us all and it feeds on our insecurities,” states Kiranos. “The more it feeds on doubt, jealousy and self devaluation, the bigger it grows until it becomes bigger than we ourselves are. And then we’re left with nothing. We lose the war.”

Instantly recognisable as an Amigo the Devil track, there’s a tinge of James Bond in the cinematic vibe, but it’s all Kiranos with those heartbreaking vocals as he lays down his witty and thought provoking lyrics. Personal and intimate this powerful track is another fine example of this man’s talent.

Check it out, here

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