News: UK Post-Metal Band Gozer Announce New EP And Share Video For Track ‘Celestial River’ 

After venturing through the vast scope of heavy music and experimenting with their sound, Gozer’s vision was realised with the album ‘An Endless Static’ released in 2022. 

Receiving praise from the likes of Metal Hammer, Metal Injection, Invisible Oranges and more for the album’s dense sonic power, song structures and emotive depth.

Gozer are now set to release their continuation in the EP ‘The Path Always Leads To The End’ building off the themes of mental health found throughout their first release this EP’s subject puts more focus on passing on and with it the unknown of what comes next.

The band comments:

“A Lot of us have our own notion of what comes after we pass, some people find comfort in the belief of some form of afterlife beyond what we could ever experience in this mortal coil, others may simply believe we return to the earth and the cycle of life continues. I’m still undecided about what happens once we breathe our last breath but I know that creating something with people means a great deal as all we truly leave once we are gone, are the people in our lives with who we shared our passions, successes, losses, joy and sadness but above all else our love.” 

The Path Always Leads To The End will be released on the 3rd of November. Recorded & mixed by Tj Fairfax and mastered by Magnus Lindberg.

‘Celestial River’ is the first single to be shared from the EP with the band adding:

“Celestial River was one of the first tracks we wrote after finishing our album An Endless Static. Originally it was going to be instrumental, but Kez came with these great lyrics that summed up how life pushes you forward. There’s always obstacles but if there’s a way to embrace them we can hopefully be happier when we look back on our journey”.

Watch the video for ‘Celestial River’, below:

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